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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, RV Dallas has the worst customer service with little regard for the people that rent from them, they see numbers and dollars signs instead of people. Our advice to anyone looking to rent an RV is to stick with a national company, making breakdowns and emergencies a little easier to deal with. Below is a recap of our experience from July 2013.

In April 2013 we rented an RV from Sunshare RV Rentals (“RV Dallas”) for a summer vacation. The vehicle did not meet our expectations - breaking down within the first day of our trip. We couldn’t use the vehicle for most of our vacation, not to mention the lost time and a significant revision of our travel plans.

First, the vehicle had several additional mechanical and structural problems, as follows:

• Leveling system did not work which caused the RV to lean to one side when parked

• Cab AC intermittently worked

• DVD/TV system did not work

• Broken window shade

• Screen door was not usable because it was screwed closed to the door

• Shower pan drain was nearly clogged which resulted in having to shut off and on the shower after a few minutes and wait for it to drain.

• Significant roof leak in the bathroom when it rained

On Saturday (Day 1 of driving) the 2nd day of our rental and just 475 miles into our estimated 4000+ mile trip, the RV broke down. We had to make the necessary patch repairs to get us to the larger city so a mechanic could be found to repair.

After multiple calls and conversations with RV Dallas staff, from which we received very little guidance or help on finding someone to repair the RV, we started calling early Sunday morning using the yellow pages. We found a mechanic that would come out to look at it since it was advised by others at the KOA not to drive it.

The mechanic diagnosed the problem and said that they could get the part ordered Monday morning but, without knowing if it was in stock or not, he could not say when it could be fixed. At this point we called again to update RV Dallas of the RV status and came up with an alternate plan for our family vacation. RV Dallas agreed that was best without knowing how long repair may take.

We spent the rest of Sunday contacting multiple family members that we were supposed to be visiting and let them know we would not be able to make it due to the breakdown. We then altered our entire route, booking last minute hotels, finding a rental car and cancelling KOA reservations. Through this all, we still had to make arrangements to come back to pick up the RV and drive it back to DFW.

Had we decided to wait on the part, we would have been stuck there all week - as the part ended up not being in stock and had to be ordered resulting in the RV not being ready for pickup till Friday. We picked up the RV on Saturday and drove back to DFW on Sunday.

After all of this, RV Dallas felt that we should still pay for the RV for the days/nights it wasn’t in the repair shop. While we feel a complete refund is appropriate considering everything. We obviously are willing to pay for the first night we had the RV since it was still in full operating condition. Also never once did we get an apology or any concern for our vacation plans.

At no place in the contract did it say we had to go to the lengths we did to get it fixed and returned to them when they left us stranded. What would have happened if they had to drive to go pick it up for themselves?

So as of now RV Dallas is standing by their contract and we are taking legal action. It is a sad to see that the mighty dollar means more than people and memories.

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